About Australia :

A stable, democratic and culturally diverse nation with a highly trained workforce, Australia is one of the strongest performing economies in the world. Located in the Southern Hemisphere it is surrounded by Indian and Pacific Oceans. 
Earth's sixth-largest country if we talk about the land area and the only nation to govern the entire continent. Australian Culture is as broad and varied as its Landscape. It is a Multicultural, Multiracial country which is seen in their lifestyle, Food choices, and experiences. Its population is roughly around 23.6 million people. The Most populous tag is bagged by New South Wales and Victoria with their respective capitals Sydney and Melbourne the largest cities. Australian Population is majorly concentrated near the coastal regions from Adelaide to Cairns, with few settled in Perth Western Australia. Australia experiences temperate weather all year round. The Northern States are typical war, all the year-round whereas the Southern States experiences cool winters rarely sub-zero temperatures. Snow is experienced in the mountains enabling them for skiing. Canberra is Australia's Capital City. We can reach Australia from India in 12 Hours 30 Minutes by air. Australia is 4 Hours 30 minutes ahead of India. Australian Dollars is their official unit of Currency. Australia experience Summers from December to February and winters from June to August. So one can plan their trip accordingly as per the convenience of the season.

Things to Explore :

The Months from September to November are the best as its neither too hot nor too cold. There are various attractions like Sydney Harbour, the blue mountains, the blond sand of Bondi Beach and much more as mentioned below:

Gold Coast: If a beach holiday is on your agenda, the Gold coast is the option for you. About an hour’s drive from Brisbane is Gold Coast with lovely weather all year-round. Blessed with Sunshine, beautiful resorts, amazing beaches some exotic food you can visit the place with your family, friends or with your partner. For kids, there are some beautiful Theme parks where there can enjoy. A popular Beach Destination is Surfers Paradise visited by many travelers visiting the Gold Coast.

Byron Bay: A popular destination known for its beaches, Water sports sites for scuba diving and surfing. It has a famous If you are looking for a quiet and calm destination for your Holiday Byron Bay is the one for you. It is a spiritual and rejuvenating retreat to yourself. Enjoy sunbathing on the sunny beaches or enjoy sunrise and sunset views lying on the beach. A perfect destination for a Leisure holiday.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: One of the seven Wonders on the Natural World, The Great Barrier Reef, larger than the Great Wall of China and is the only living thing on earth visible from space. Visiting this beautiful place, you can experience snorkeling, scuba diving, helicopter tours, bare boats, Glass bottomed boat viewing, whale watching and swimming with Dolphins.

Sydney’s Opera House: Spectacular from most angles, Sydney’s most famous building Sydney’s opera house, its beauty and construction are worth admiring. The Best view is from Botanical Gardens where you can have it framed in the massive arch of Harbour Bridge.

See Iconic Views in the Blue Mountains: The Best and the most popular day trip from Sydney. Witness the most spectacular Landmark “The Three Sisters”, located at Echo Point Katoomba, this is the most visited destination among all the visitors. An unusual rock formation representing three sisters that were turned into a Stone.

Walk Across Sydney Harbour Bridge:

If visiting Sydney, this is the eye-catching point an is a Must visit.

Eat And Drink :

Visiting Australia and thinking about what to eat and drink is not an issue, as it has multicultural people staying there you will have good choices to try some delicious cuisines. You can enjoy a glass of beer, wine or rum as there will be ample choices to choose from. For Party Lovers gold coast has some biggest clubs in the country from luxurious to fine dining to street dancers, all will be amazing. Surfers Paradise offers some theme parks which can help up shake off your hangovers and enjoy the night. For Vegetarians to nonvegetarians to Seafood lovers, Australia offers every cuisine for its visitors.

Visiting Australia gives you an adrenaline rush, by keeping you excited to see its beauty. The above named are some hints to excite you for the destination there are other beautiful places. There is a good range of packages in Australia which you can book and make your trip memorable. So don’t think many books a package and witness the beauty of Australia with us.