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Also known as the land of seven sisters: Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura. North-East India is still an untouched Paradise away from the daily chaos of the big metropolitan cities. Tourism is still like a baby which is growing will soon make a place in most visited destinations. The place has so much natural beauty, amidst the hilltops, the picturesque valleys make this small town worth visiting. The clouds floating right outside your window and the sun rising amidst the valleys to some adventure and thrill North East will never disappoint you In any way. The Best months to witness the beauty are from November to May when the weather is quiet Pleasant. We can reach the North East by Air, Train.
Things to Explore :
When visiting North East one should give a visit to some of the must-see sightseeing, which you cannot afford to miss. Below we are mentioning some sightseeing which is worth the visit.
Meet the Tribal People :
Some remote areas still exist where people are unaware of the outside world and they live in their own culture. These are small tribes which are inhabited in the remote areas or where tourist or local people do not come much. Its the place where you can meet authentic tribal people who lead a very different life as compared to the rest of the world. Culturally Northeast is very diverse, inhabiting nearly 200 tribes including unique and fascinating tribes like opium smoking, headhunter tribes, facially tattooed and many more. The best way in which you can look closely at their culture is through the tribal festival which they celebrate. Witnessing the riot of color, music some sacrifices, worship unique rituals will give an unforgettable experience. It will be better to take this tour with a local guide if you want a welcoming atmosphere.
Experience the Rare and Endangered Wildlife:
Because the place is safe from human interference, North East India is a refugee camp for many endangered wild animals.UNESCO has listed many parks where people can take safaris and witness these rare animals in their natural home. One such example for such a Park is:
Kaziranga National Park in Assam: Declared as UNESCO heritage site, it is home to one-horned rhino which attracts tourist from all over the world. Witnessing a one-horned rhino in its yard is a lifetime experience that can be shared with your grandchildren. Spot various other species for a unique wildlife experience. Around 35 species of mammals and 100 bird species that fly down every season.
Nathu La Pass: This is the major highlight of the North East Tourism, and will give you a revitalizing feeling to every visitor. There are views during the trek which will remain engraved in your memory for a lifetime. Best time to visit the place is in summers when the temperature in bearable around 15 degrees in winters it goes down to -25 degrees.
Nuranang Falls: For honeymooners, this is must-see sightseeing. Also known as Bong Bong Falls, these are 100 meters in height. The falls are known for giving a feeling of serendipity to the couple who visit the place. So for honeymooners, North East should be on top of their list.
Explore the unspoiled and untouched Nature: North East is a place where Human interference is the minimum which has lead to the presence of their Nature. To the snow-capped Himalayas, to lush green plains of Assam and steamy forest of Meghalaya-North East will showcase unspoilt nature at its best.
Explore some off-beat tracks: Arunachal Pradesh is still not mapped for its mountains yet, this means for adventure lovers this is the place to experience some adventure. There will be no luxury provided at this place and can be a bit bumpy. North East is a place for adventure lovers as well.
Cherrapunji: Famous for its root bridges, formed due to incessant rain. It is famous for receiving maximum rainfall in the world. One can enjoy the tropical flora and fauna while you camp under or climb the root bridges.
Ravangla: A tourist attraction in the Southern part of Sikkim, this little town is a lone wolf for the ones who love it.For a perfect leisure trip away from the city life and to refresh your mind body and soul this place is the one which will give you everything to its best. The best time to visit this town is from April to June and September to January. Bird Watching at Ralang Monastery is what the place is famous for. The place also has some awesome hot springs which are worth a visit.
Dawki: Take a boat ride I the famous Umngot river in Dawki known as the cleanest river in the world where you can clearly see the bottom. Dawki River is located in Meghalaya. A popular tourist destination in east India.
Above are just a few among the long list of sightseeing, there are many other sights which you can experience in this untouched paradise.
Eat And Drink:
The food in North East is cooked with minimal ingredients and the simplest of methods still manage to pack up so much flavor. Let's look into some famous dishes which being a touristy you should try:
Smoked Pork with Bamboo Shoot: One of the widely consumed proteins in the North East is Smoked Pork. The dish is prepared in a quite simple manner with ingredients such as Bamboo shoot and bhut jalokia or raja Mirchi, known to be the hottest chilies in the world. These ingredients are then simply boiled together, and you will be surprised to the taste this dish will give you.
Narasingha masor jhol :A signature dish from the state of Assam, and it is basically a fish cooked in a gravy of curry leaf paste.Narasingha is known to have medicinal value and helps improve digestion and lower cholesterol.
Iromba: It is a Manipuri dish where dried fermented fish is the main ingredient. Sometimes the fish is replaced by Prawns. Characterized by strong and pungent taste. The fish is cooked with a variety of vegetables.
Chak-hao Kheer: It is one of the most loved desserts in Northeast India made by boiling rice, milk and sugar. Here the main ingredient is black rice instead of white rice which is grown locally in Manipur. Black rice otherwise is also good for health.
Giving a quick name of the famous dishes which one should try if visiting the seven sisters:
Nagaland: Pork with anishi or smoked beef curry with steamed rice.
Sikkim: Gundruk ko jhol , served with dried fish
Meghalaya: Jadoh with dohkhleh(rice cooked in meat stock), served with pork or chicken.
Tripura : Muya bai wahan(pork and bamboo shoot curry eaten with rice)
Manipur: Singju or chamthong (vegetables with dried fish)
Mizoram: Dawlrep bai, spicy curry made with beef or pork.
Arunachal Pradesh : Pasa (Spicy soup with raw fish)
Assam: Masor Tenga
For Party Lovers Ziro Valley is the place. The valley is famous for three days and night rock concert which is held annually towards the end of September. Attending this concert will definitely add on to your life experience.
Some must-try local drinks are as under:
Among –Assam: It is a rice beer prepared by some tribal people of North East India. Apong is prepared by fermenting rice.
Chuwarak-Tripura: Versatile Tripuri Whiskey. Prepared using various raw materials like rice, pineapple or even jackfruit.
Kodo ko jaanr –Sikkim: Hot Sikkimese Beer. Finger millet is used to prepare this brew.
There are other varieties as well which you can explore by visiting the places.

North East welcomes everybody to explore its untouched beauty. Go through our wide range of packages and make a trip to this beautiful paradise.