The United States.

The States:
A federal Republic of 50 states, the United States officially United States of America abbreviated as U.S or U.S.A.The National Capital in Washington. And the fourth largest country in the World in the area after Russia, Canada, and China is the United States. The States has a highly diverse Population offering a range of racial, ethnic and cultural types. The United States is the World’s greatest Economic powers measured in terms of Gross Domestic Product. Being a huge country climatic condition varies as it has a wide variety of climatic conditions. However, it experiences a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. We can reach The States from India with a flight duration of 17 Hours 21 minutes. United States Dollar is the official unit of currency used by the natives and the tourists. Talking about the languages spoken by the inhabitants, as it holds wide ranges of nationality American Sign language is used approximately by 5,00,000 people. The top five most commonly spoken languages in the country are: English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Things to Explore:
Planning to visit the vast country, there is so much to explore, and it might be difficult to figure out where to start. There are some cities famous for its history, cultural benefits, some are famous for its architecture and design, some famous for its nightlife and glamour, so all these give a visitor a wide spectrum to choose from. Geographically if we talk about, along the Eastern Seaboard, New York and Washington D.C. will offer you some unique experiences. Along the West, San Francisco and Los Angeles are the major hot spots for the tourist. In the South West, Las Vegas makes dessert an interesting place, and Grand Canyon will show you nature’s best creation. Talking about the major cities and the most visited by the tourist from all over the world:

New York City :
There is no other city in the world like New York and should be on your bucket list. For the Visitors who are visiting for the first time, they will be amazed by every turn while walking the streets. Witness the famous Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Times Square,5th Avenue, and the famous Statue of Liberty.
Sightseeings by Day, time for some shopping, having a relaxed evening with your favorite meal, party down the clubs, this is all New York is all about. Talking about the Nightlife of the city, once the sun goes down and the artificial light lights up the city a different New York Emerges. Walkout on the shadowy streets and you will witness people with such vibes and verve who couldn’t exist without the cover of Darkness. In all New York will always call you back to witness its charm and beauty over and over again.

San Francisco:
The Charming and a picturesque located on the West Coast this place is a getaway for Families, Singles and Couples. Some famous sightseeings, Picturesque Views, Outdoor dining, famous streets make San Francisco a place to visit. Experience a cruise on San Francisco Bay, Tour Alcatraz, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, wander around the fisherman’s Wharf, or hire a car to explore the city. The place can be visited at any time of the year due to its pleasant weather. For the nightlife lovers, San Franciso hosts some of the best bars in the country, and some phenomenal places to dance till the last call. Except for these there are some unique experiences party does not mean drinking and Dancing in San Francisco, there are some unique experiences which you can have once you are in this place. Naming some of the activities and places like :Stay up late for Midnight Movies at “The Clay Theatre”,Embrace your kink with “ Bawdy Storytelling”,Clown around at “Circle Center”,Laugh at the outrageous performance and politics of “Beach Blanket Babylon “these are some to trigger your nerves to visit these place.

The Grand Canyon:

This place is almost on every person’s bucket list and has been attracting tourists for generations now. Watch out over the cliff walls to an endless horizon. Visiting this place can be easily done as a day trip from Las Vegas, Phoenix, and some smaller cities in the vicinity. One can also opt for a train trip from Williams, AZ is another wonderful way to witness the canyon. Visit the South Rim of the canyon, which is the most visited one, at any time of the year. The road to North rim is closed in winters due to snow.

Las Vegas:

The place holds a unique appeal and makes dessert a glittering city of lights and has been attracting tourists for decades. This is a place for families who want to hang around the pool, couples who come here to say there vows, from want to newlywed. Entertainment options are endless, with some of the industry’s top stars, playing to the audience every night. After exploring the city there are plenty of places to visit in the nearby area like Grand Canyon, Death Valley National Park, and Hoover Dam all within an easy day tripping. It’s happening for all who are visiting this, so it must be on your bucket list.

Waikiki :

For the beach lovers, visiting this beautiful America’s top beaching destination with all the comfort of North America. It is located on a Hawaiian Island of Oahu, Waikiki is a Suburb of Honolulu, known for its golden sand beaches. For the surfers, rent a surfboard and test your skills in the waves. For the shoppers hit some shops after spending some time on the Beach. In the evening explore some dining options. A perfect beach destination for couples, families, and singles.

Washington D.C. :

The US CapitaLand home to America’s National Treasures and some most famous sites.From the White House and the Capitol Building to the Smithsonian museums. If visiting the east coast this should be on your bucket list right on the top. The spring season here hosts the cherry blossom festival, the best time to visit when the trees are in full bloom. Fall is also a good time to visit when the hot temperatures have cooled down which makes the walking on the streets pleasant. In Winters crowds are definitely smaller and the city is beautiful after a fresh snowfall.

Miami :

A great Beach Destination, and a hot spot of southern Florida, Miami is more than a beach destination. Beaches can be found all over Florida, but Miami offers something like no other state. The Cuban Vibe along Calle Ocho in Little Havana, the Art Deco district in Miami Beach, the endless parade of sports cars along ocean driving in the evening.For experiencing something unique take a trip from Miami to Everglades National Park to witness some alligators, turtles, and an array of birds.

Los Angeles :

The Epicenter of Southern California with a culture of its own, Los Angeles has been associated with glamour, with the suburbs surrounded by Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air dominating pop culture. Hollywood is a must-visit for movie lovers, families and kids come to witness the nearby Disneyland and for shoppers, it’s a paradise with unlimited branded showrooms to some expensive ones. For the ones who are going for a leisure trip and have a laid back feeling must head towards Venice Beach. For the ones who have an interest in History must visit the Page Museum and La Brea Tar Pits to see the fossil remains, of prehistoric animals that use to roam this area 40,000 years ago.


Orlando is all about some beautiful Theme Parks. Some of the famous Theme parks are walt disney ,world resort, Universal Studio & Sea World. Families flock to these places and kids love the same. Orlando is a place for tourists, with hotels and home rentals. So it’s a must-visit place for everyone.


Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, a great summer destination. The Magnificent Mile, along Michigan Avenue, is the city’s most famous area, making you mesmerized with high – end shopping stores, along with some famous buildings and outstanding architecture. Tourists visiting the place majorly are attracted towards Millennium Park, the Arts Institute of Chicago, Navy Pier, and the views from the Willis Tower Sky Deck.

Boston :

The city of history, located along the Eastern Sea Board, Boston is famous for its History. The Famous Freedom trail leads make some of the most famous historic sites. The city is situated along the oceanfront, with ferries connecting the outer suburbs, Boston has its own unique charm. The thing which can mesmerize you the most with its beauty is century-old buildings standing tall next to modern Skyscrapers. Open spaces for public like Boston Common gives the city a small-town touch. The city also has a strong art and cultural scene and is home to the famous Boston pops orchestra.


The lovely coastal city situated in the northwest corner of the US. The major and unavoidable tourist attraction in the city includes Space Needle, the lively Pike Place Market, and the Waterfront. Within one day-tripping you can also visit the beautiful city, Hoh Rain Forest and some mountain Landscape. One can visit any time of the year to this year-round pleasant climate place.

Above mentioned are some of the must-visit places which should hit everyone’s bucket list, the list is long of what to visit in the US, go through our wide range of packages and get in touch with our experts to plan your holiday the way you want to.

Eat and Drink :

As vast as the place is the vaster is its food culture, below are some of the best food which is a must-try for all the visitors. Naming some as under :

Apple Pie :

For anyone who tells you pecan or key lime is better, they are lying. Experience the combination of sugar, buttery pastry and tart sliced apples and experience a perfect blend that will give you a perfect taste. Try the apple pie with some additional green chilies at Pie-O-Neer in pie town, New Mexico.

The Hamburger :

To Find the best Hamburgers in the country “New Heaven, Connecticut “ is the place for you. The establishment year was 1900, taken care and run by one Louis Lassen. Their burgers are made from 5 meat blend and cooked in Hundredth old cast iron grill.

Clam Chowder :

It is actually illegal if you are visiting Boston and not trying New England Clam Chowder. Prepared with an unusual mixture of quahog shellfish with tender potatoes, salted pork, heavy cream, and herbs is a total genius. The best place to taste it is Atlantic Fish Co.

Deep Dish Pizza:

The pizza in Chicago doesn't look like with what it tastes (do not worry its obviously in a good way). The crust rises high and allows for a strangulating artery volume of melting the cheese and thick and fresh tomato sauce.

Hominy Grits :

Southern Food exists in its own world, and the entire menu is around chicken and waffles. Prepared by corn milled into a rough powder and then boiled up with butter or bacon. Try it at Blossom Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina which will serve you Geechie Boy Grits, accompanied by shrimp and andouille sausage.

Above mentioned are some of the best things you should try when in the United States. Furthur we will make you aware about what to drink and Party.

Since America is so large that drinking customs vary across the cities and regions. In many rural and suburban areas, people prefer drinking at home. If we come to the Urban area you will be able to find a range of bars, clubs, nightclubs where people enjoy dancing and clubbing. Coming to the party cities of America like Miami, Chicago, NYC, drinking will be more established, making barhopping popular.

Beer: It is a default choice of anyone who loves drinking or sitting somewhere relaxing. The beer scene is flourishing and in the country, you can also have some craft beer in some of the breweries of the place. Microbreweries are also quite famous.

Wine: Categorized into red, white and rose. To have the best taste of the American Wine you must visit the Napa Valley in California, there are other regions as well. To explore more wine-producing regions include Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the state of Washington, the state of Michigan, Colorado’s Wine Country and many more.

The United States is a package for all offers you wide ranges of sightseeing, party clubs, amusement parks and many more. This cannot be covered in one article as the state is so diverse that we cannot complete it in one article, above mentioned is just a highlight of what all one can plan to do while visiting States. To know more get in touch with our experts who will give you many other options for your holiday and will make your trip memorable.