About South Africa :

The southernmost country on the African Continent, having cultural diversity and eye-catching beauty has attracted many tourists in the past to this beautiful place. South Africa majorly has 3 major cities: Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Bloemfontein. Johannesburg is the commercial and urban city among all. Temperate climate conditions are experienced throughout the year due to its position in the temperate zone, because of which it rarely experiences extreme hot and cold conditions. Climatic conditions are generally dry, also crowned by the cape of good hope. People from every part of the world are attracted to this place as it has something to offer for everyone. We are 3hrs30min ahead of South Africa. There official unit of currency in South Africa Rand. We can reach South Africa in a flight duration of 10 Hours. 

Things to Explore:

To Explore some unique sites and some beautiful natural beauty. There are other reasons also for why people choose South Africa as a tourist destination. Affordability hits the list,from luxury hotels to pocket-friendly properties you can find them all. Outdoor activities is another point for why people choose South Africa, it is unbeatable when it comes to adventure activities from bungee jumping, whale watching, to snorkeling and scuba diving there are many other adventure activities as well as water sports which will amaze you. The Major tourism is derived from wildlife opportunity, the species found here are nowhere found, the big 5 in terms of wildlife are Elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, and black rhino. You can find these during your safaris in parks like Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant National park and many more. South Africa is still ahead of many other countries in terms of wildlife as it has some endangered species which is found nowhere in the world. One can also explore some crystal clear beaches in the port cities of-Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Eat And Drink:

The beautiful coastline offers a variety of seafood and fresh fish. Cape Malay Cuisine is the specialty of Cape town. Indian flavors are famous all around the world so, in South Africa, strong Indian Flavours are infused in Durban's cracking curries. Native love Barrai, a type of barbecue. Their most traditional food is cooked over a three-legged pot. Traditional meat cooked is often served with stew. Vegetables are also loved by natives like Pumpkin, Cabbage, Beetroot, and carrots. Among drinks Umqombothi a popular beer is famous among the natives. This beer is low in alcohol level as compared to other conventional beers and is prepared from 
High Vitamin B and corn. Witblits is a brandy made from Grapes, Amarula is a sweet and creamy liquor which can be added to ice cream and coffee. 

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